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Dream have how old , the heart is how a firm... In 1997 , the three brave kids, dreams of youth, will indomitable three hairs as its portrayal of that era, and created to sell laptop bag for the main business of the " three hair leather" . The passage of time, the experience of the deposit, the development of electronic digital products in the 21st century intensified. They have witnessed the growing of personal mobile devices, with electronic digital product development KINGSONS handbag brand arises at the historic moment in Hong Kong. Casual... You find gadgets already cannot leave you life, it always accompany your work, life, entertainment, making friends... Rushed forward in life, don't ignore your figure... Of course, you want to carry it easily and confident at work, travel, travel, walking on the journey of life. While protect your digital stuff has more functions, make you bag small world no longer desultorily, at the same time, it also more fashion style, suitable for you changed the life status. At work, set out your fashion professional attitude: when leisure, leisure comfortable style collocation gives you. It is synonymous with professional and authoritative leader... It has the knight spirit, in the hands of the shield to protect your digital products. Build professional self life attitude, is KINGSONS has been the pursuit of... Professional, quality, lightweight, begin from kingsons!

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